Saturday, December 22, 2007

13 weeks - Hi all!

Hey gang!

Well I am still here just beiong lazy about getting online and really busy.

Doing great. Still waiting for the next appt Jan 9th and finding out if its a boy or girl! YAY

Just trying to get ready for Christmas and deal with all this snow! We have like 30 inches on the ground. I sink walking in it. LOL its pretty but when it melts we could have major flooding issues so I am just crossing my fingers it melts slowly.

Anyhoo, not much else. Just like I said anxiously awaiting Jan 9th and then June/July when I get to meet this little one.
I am not in maternity clothes yet, but my pants are definitely giving me a hard time these days.

Well I will be checking back in probably next Ultra sound since I am so bad about getting on here. :) Hope your all well and I will be back.......