Tuesday, November 27, 2007

10 Weeks today!

Hey all!

Its been a few weeks but I am still here and the baby is growing!
I had my first Appt with my OB yesterday and the Ultra sound.

Oh my goodness that was the most amazing thing! My little one was dancing up a storm and had a great heart beat, and looked awesome!
I posted my pics on this page and the bottom one you can really see the arms and legs and button where the cord is attached. So cute!
He/She is little more than an inch big.

My next appt is in 6 weeks so the next pics will be posted then and I may even know the sex!

So thats all. I feel great except the peeing has really picked up, and headaches have kicked in a bit. Otherwise I haven't been sick or anything. I did spend the last 2 weeks with NO patience and a very short fuse, but hormones will do that and I am getting better now. :)

Hope your all well and I will keep updating! Take care and be good!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Week 7 begins today!

I had my first appt yesterday with the nurse. Jason and I went and gave our family histories, etc. I gave blood and urine for tests. We started building my chart.
She also gave me a big binder of info, which is overwhelming but so exciting!!

I have gained about 10 lbs! OMG! I am horrified! I have not been eating well. I do add in the fruit and such but the pizza for a quick dinner, etc,. has to stop!
I am so stinking tired all the time, I have no energy to cook so when Jason gets a pizza and I am hungry, I eat it.
Maybe once I get my energy back come the 2nd trimester in 5 weeks, I will get it together since I will have the energy to prepare healthy meals, and lunches, etc.

So, I can't believe its really happening. Its still sinking in, but more so after the appt yesterday. I am excited, and scared and still in disbelief. I can't believe I am going to have a baby, and be a mom. Its so much to absorb right now. We have waited a very long year of trying to conceive so we are just in heaven!

Next appt is Nov 26th! I get to see my dr, and see the baby on ultra sound! That will really hit it home for me! I can not wait. 20 days away and believe me I am counting! :)

So thats it! I will update my belly pic soon, I want it to get a little bigger first. maybe at 8 weeks next week I will update it.

Be good my friends!