Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back from hiding!

Hey friends!

I am still here, breathing and well. I am still very pregnant., LOL. 36 weeks today actually. 4 weeks to due date, and I am getting very anxious for this little guy to arrive!

We have been VERY busy trying to get the nursery together, pretty much done. remodel the upstairs bathroom, enclose a 3 season porch off the nursery, and get fence in back. UGH....we have been busy! Sooooo, I just haven't been on here, and my journal at was deleted??:( I need to get over there and start a new one.

So lets see, since this blog started out as a diet blog, I'll share my stats so far.

I have gained 26.5 lbs so far. pretty good I think. I feel very fat, since I am 5'6 and now 196.5 lbs and holding steady there. I keep getting told I will lose 20 lbs by the time I leave the hospital, so I am looking forward to that head start, he he. I am trying to get my goals in order for after little JJ arrives. I plan to start right away, at least with low carb eating, no ketosis, and obviously no exercise for a few weeks or so til I heal, but I am already assessing how much I need to lose and trying to set goals. I am VERY excited not only to meet my son, but to get my body back, and begin this journey once again.

So here is my rough plan....

mental - set 10 lb goals and meet them one at a time. I'll also try not to be so hard on myself. This is where I always go wrong. If I don't lose as fast as I want or if I slip up, I beat myself to a pulp, and ruin my efforts. no more of that.

physical (when healed and ready) - get to the gym 5 days a week for some 40-60 minute hills on the treadmill. I have always had the most success with this as far as losing inches fast. Depending on time, with a new baby and all, I will try and add some weight time in there a couple days a week. Mainly squats and pushups, and any other good compound moves that work and save time. I belong to Planet Fitness now, but they don't offer child care, so I will probably leave them and join golds so they can watch JJ while I work out.

food - low carb all day. lots of fresh meats and veggies, salads and some good fats. I am not going to counrt carbs, and get tied up in that just yet. I will be focusing on breast feeding and staying healthy, but I will be cutting out the breads, rices and pastas. I eat them now, but only whole wheat, whole grain, brown rice, and shaws makes a YUMMY flax and grain bread now. So I will just cut those things and stick with protein, fats and veggies to start getting used to that way of eating. Once I am ready, and its safe, i will get more strict with counting carbs etc.

Ok so off the diet and onto the baby!

Here are some nursery pics, and 3D ultrasound!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

22 Weeks and Counting! (and a rant)

Well its been quite awhile as usual since I have posted so I thought it was time.

I am 22 weeks preggo now. Did I post I was having a boy??!!??
YAY I am and I am sooooo excited!!

Ok, so Last week I FINALLY Started feeling my little man move.. how weird!
I gotta say it freaked me out at first, like a little alien that has taken up residence. Especially when up until that point you still haven't grasped the concept of having a baby growing inside you. So aside from the ultrasounds, that was what made it real to me finally. I am getting more used to it, and really looking forward to his little kicks and summersaults. :D
They say at some point you will feel your baby react to a loud noise. I hadn't until the other night. I went to bed and was lying down and my dog barked and I swear this little one did a backflip! It was so cool, until he wouldn't stop doing backflips and it was so bad it made me nauseous! LOL

So I am really showing now! I am posting a recent belly pic on my page too, but I feel big for 5.5 mos. Everyone knows I am pregnant and I get the "when are you due" question all the time now!
Its cool though I am past the stage where I could just have had too many Krispy Creams! he he he. I really look pregnant, and its funny how much attention that draws. wherever I go people are staring at my belly.

Ok lets see, jumping around here..
I got the flu last weekend. UGH! I lost 6 lbs in 2 days from all the vomiting, etc. But I feel better, and with the 6 lb loss I have only gained 13 lbs! WAHOO!! HA HA
My goal is to keep the gain between 15 and 25 lbs. thats whats recomended for my starting weight. If I watch what I eat as best I can and get some exercise I should do ok.

So the rant....
The father of my little one...

he left this morning to go ice fishing with his friends. Now, we heat our whole house with 2 wood stoves, So bringing wood in the house is a constant duty. I am almost 6 mos pregnant, and he leaves with like 2 peices of wood in the house. so I have to waddle my ass outside risking hurting myself and the baby to get wood so I don't freeze to death.
Then on top of that, he went into my purse and took my chapstick. Now, if you know me, you know I am a chapstick addict, and thats not really the point. the point is he knows that and was that selfish and inconsiderate to even venture into my purse in the first place, then to take something out that doesn't belong to him. I know this sounds ridiculous, but I actually sent him a text message yelling at him for it and said flat out, "your an asshole"
GRRRRRR I am so mad and trying so hard to get over it so I can get through my day without stress. I have this whole house to clean because its a pit, and now I have to deal with getting wood all day!!!
What stresses me out even more, is that when he gets home, instead of being happy to see him I am going to make him wish he didn't come home!
Breathe kim....ok....I am done.

Ok....So Thats all for today. Stay tuned for more! I have some stuff I want to blog about still....

toodles! :)