Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Week 7 begins today!

I had my first appt yesterday with the nurse. Jason and I went and gave our family histories, etc. I gave blood and urine for tests. We started building my chart.
She also gave me a big binder of info, which is overwhelming but so exciting!!

I have gained about 10 lbs! OMG! I am horrified! I have not been eating well. I do add in the fruit and such but the pizza for a quick dinner, etc,. has to stop!
I am so stinking tired all the time, I have no energy to cook so when Jason gets a pizza and I am hungry, I eat it.
Maybe once I get my energy back come the 2nd trimester in 5 weeks, I will get it together since I will have the energy to prepare healthy meals, and lunches, etc.

So, I can't believe its really happening. Its still sinking in, but more so after the appt yesterday. I am excited, and scared and still in disbelief. I can't believe I am going to have a baby, and be a mom. Its so much to absorb right now. We have waited a very long year of trying to conceive so we are just in heaven!

Next appt is Nov 26th! I get to see my dr, and see the baby on ultra sound! That will really hit it home for me! I can not wait. 20 days away and believe me I am counting! :)

So thats it! I will update my belly pic soon, I want it to get a little bigger first. maybe at 8 weeks next week I will update it.

Be good my friends!


MiniMime said...

Hi Sweetie,
Looking at that pic, I can't believe you were trying to lose weight in the first place! You look FABULOUS!!! Isn't it exciting and terrifying to have a new life growing inside you?! That first ultrasound will probably look like a tiny peanut, but it will be exciting to see the heartbeat.
I really miss you at the LLVLC forum. There is a lot to catch up on. Please email or pm me so we can catch up.
Amy (minimimi)

Etheral Kim said...

Hello Dear Amy!!!
Thanks for the compliments! I know I look at that and I am like dang I look good! LOL :) but My height to weight ratio is not good. :( Ah well. I get to be chubby I am pregnant!! WOO HOO! It is both exciting and terrifying. I am feeling overwhelmed this week as it begins to really hit me.

I can not wait for the U/S. I miss you too, I am popping in over there still so watch out! :)

Carol said...

I am so happy you are doing well sweetie! Just try to relax and enjoy being pregnant, well, at least you will when you get past being so tired. LOL! Take care of yourself, rest when you need to, and try to eat as healthy as you can considering you're too tired to cook.
Love ya,

Mimi said...

PS you don't have to publish this, I just wanted to send you this little note!

{{{{{{{Kim}}}}}} oh sweetie, please don't be "horrified" about weight gain during pregnancy! Your dear baby needs so much nourishment, so much strength, and is depending totally upon you to feed yourself well -- physically, mentally, emotionally. Eat lots, please? Fill up on all the good stuff that you AND your baby need, for a long and happy life together.

Just one short year ago dear Hubby and I became a first-time Grandparents! Our daughter and we are very close and it was a profound joy to go with her through her pregnancy, to visits with the midwife, with her and her dear hubby for the ultrasound, through all the months of hopes and fears and then that amazing day when we finally got to meet that precious little life.

Well anyway just wanted to reassure you that what you're going through is the same journey that millions upon millions of women throughout time have not only endured, but also learned to cherish -- this special time of helping your baby get off to a good start in life by taking in lots of good nourishment, good rest, and good thoughts -- happy, hoping, positive thoughts.

Well if you ever want some more unasked-for Grandmotherly advice, feel free to email me! LOL

Mimi (MeeMee729 in the ALC Kimmer threads)

Etheral Kim said...

Thank you Carol and Amy! You guys are the best! I am trying to not worry so much about the weight as being healthy of course.

Amy - I emailed you back did you not get it? Let me know :)

vn7wl said...

Hey Kim, I told you that tiredness and sore boobies and everything like that was But it is all worth it all in the end and that is for sure. I keep poppin in, but I haven't found any new news in a while...How are you doing>?

Etheral Kim said...

Hey Vanessa! I am about to update stay tuned :)
I am great I hope you are doing well!