Thursday, October 25, 2007

5 weeks today!


One week down! Each week is excruciating for me. I am so worried about the risk of losing the baby, since its so common in the first trimester, that I just live in anticipation of each Thursday so I can count down another week til I hit the 2nd trimester.

So at 5 weeks, here is what my bambino looks like! (I hope it posts and I did it right!)


My first appt is November 6th, and I am praying that they give me an ultrasound. We should be able to see the baby's hear beat then, as I will be 6 wks, 5 days. We won't be able to hear it yet, but we could see it beating. How exciting would that be? Oh man I am still dreaming!

So my symptoms....

No Morning sickness yet. Knock on wood, but I think that usually shows up around 6wks so I could still be in for it. I have had slight waves of nausea, but thats it. Nothing serious.

Breasts - if you touch you die! They are so painful by the end of the day it hurts like hell to take off my bra. I think it may be time for a full coverage and support bra. They are already big enough LOL :) and now they feel like they weigh a ton. No more pretty demi cups I need relief ladies!!

YAWN! - I am still so tired! Its only getting worse and thats expected but also why I can't wait til the 2nd trimester when I am supposed to wake up one day with a new found energy. I will need it. I have soooo much to do around the house and right now..its not getting done.

Holy Road Atlas! - My veins have popped up to say hello ! On my chest, breasts, legs, and arms, man they are visible. Another common symptom, since my blood capacity will increase by 50% by the end of my pregnancy.

DUH - Yep I have what Jenny McCarthy calls the "Pregnancy Stupids"
I never thought it was true but believe me, suddenly you become and idiot who can't remember your own name (for those of you who have not been pregnant). Its crazy! There is a part in Jenny's book "Belly Laughs", well a whole chapter dedicated to this, where she describes a time she was driving and daydreaming about how forgetful she had become, and in the meantime drove a mile and a half past her house. HA HA HA!!! I tell ya thats me these days.
If you haven't read her book and are expecting, BUY IT! Its the funniest book I have ever read. Its a very easy read too, it took me like 2 hrs to read it.

Whaaaa! - Can you say Whiny! I am so whiny, I will cry if I run out of ranch dressing. Poor Jason (Fiance, I will refer to him by his name from now on), doesn't know what he is in for!

Can someone attach a toilet to my ass please ??!! I can not stop peeing! It doesn't help that I drink loads of water all day (which I must say is HUGE when pregnant!). Its keeping my skin clear and the water retention at bay. Plus you need like double the fluids (so I have read and heard), when pregnant.

Ok - I think thats it for now...

I will be updating again soon, probably at 6 weeks, next Thursday, or sooner if I have something good to share! Have a great week my friends :)

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